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The Island

Set within 3.5 square miles mainly east west facing, the population is about 2,170.   Much of the population lives within the town of St. Anne with its cobbled streets bordered by a French influence of 200-year-old stone homes either colour-washed or pointed stonework.

More than 80% of the island lies within the Green Belt.   The easily accessible sweeping sandy beaches allow for safe bathing while the harbour at Braye Bay is the haven for visiting yachts.

The southern cliff paths provide magnificent country walks while looking out to the sea and the other Channel Islands to the south

Alderney lies just some 8 miles from the French coast and 70 miles south of the Isle of Wight.



Alderney’s airport dates back to pre-war and is the only one within the Channel Islands to have three runways - one tarmac and two grass.   Aurigny  is the local airline (flying 18-seater Dorniers) usually with 4 daily flights to Guernsey and 2 to Southampton which is a superb hub with the railway station just yards away with express trains to Waterloo.   The airport is also adjacent to the M3 motorway.

Between Spring and Autumn there are two 12-seater passenger boats that ply between Alderney and Guernsey on a daily basis and with occasional trips to France

Twice a week Alderney Shipping Company brings in freight from Poole and Guernsey.   Contact

Alderney is the only Channel Island to have a standard gauge railway.  Queen Victoria and Prince Albert travelled on the line in the 1850s when the forts and breakwater were being built.   It runs from the harbour to the lighthouse at the east end of the island and the two 1938 Northern Line underground carriages are pulled by a diesel engine.   The Railway Society also still has some ex-Army Wickham petrol driven rail cars.   Contact


Setting up a Business

The Alderney Chamber of Commerce has put together “10 Steps to Setting up a Business”.   Go to for this information.   On this website are contacts for all its members and other information about current island topics.   Alderney’s Chamber is the largest body on the island with about 160 businesses and works positively with the island’s government (the States of Alderney).


The island offers a wide variety of jobs from hospitality to finance. The States of Alderney publish vacancies on the jobs board which can be viewed through the following link



St. Anne’s School is the island school for children between the ages of 4 and 16 - up to GCSE level.    Further education is offered by Guernsey with children living with host families.  

There are three island pre-school play groups, one at St. Anne’s School called Little Acorns pre-school, St. Anne’s Playgroup in town and Humming Bees  which caters for children from four months.

Education - States of Alderney (


The Island’s Government

Although Alderney is a part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, it has its own President, 10 States Members (politicians) and Civil Service.   There are no political parties.   Another interesting fact is that Alderney (along with Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man) is a Crown Dependency.   It is a part of Great Britain but not a part of the United Kingdom.

The 10 members of the Alderney States all sit on the Policy & Finance Committee.   The other three main committees are General Services, Economic Development and Building & Development Control.   The States usually sit monthly in open debate.

Guernsey has an obligation to fund the Transferred Services that dates back to the 1948 Agreement when Alderney was trying to get back on its feet after the German occupation that left the island in a desperate state. These Transferred Services include Education, Hospital, Airport, Harbour, Police and Income Tax.



This is a word that does not exist on Alderney.   Finish work at 5.00, home and change ready for a swim in any of our bays - and be in the water before 5.30 at the latest.   No traffic lights, no roundabouts with a maximum speed of 15 mph in town and 35 mph elsewhere.

The commute into town from most homes takes no more than three to four minutes.  No anxiety.  No pressure. Just a stress-free lifestyle.


Income Tax etc.

Being a party of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, income tax is payable to the States of Guernsey.   For further advice go to > tax

Most general questions on this subject can also be answered at or by phoning 01481-225700.


Property Conveyancing

There are several Advocates’ practices in Guernsey who will take on the aspects of the conveyancing of properties in Alderney.   It is not always necessary as our company Bell & Co Ltd has been involved with conveyancing for several decades - at no cost to either party.  

There is a comprehensive Alderney Land Registry where every property has its own file.   There are no Deeds as in the UK but Land Awards that are divided into four sections - Address, Ownership & Capacity, Adverse Interest & Charges, and Minor Interests.

For more information - and go to Buying Guide.


Activities, Clubs & Groups

Despite the relatively small size of the island, it never ceases to amaze how many activities for both adults & children alike there are whether sport is number one or music, art, drama or a host of other activities.   Below is a list of some.

A taster on the sports side - golf, cricket, football, squash, fishing, tennis, sailing, padel tennis, badminton, bowls, pétanque, pistol & rifle shooting, snooker, boxing, clay pigeon shooting, darts, aerobics, Pilates.

And a taster on the general side  - Rotary Club, Bird Observatory, Wildlife Trust, the Island Band, Horticultural Society, The Alderney Society (museum), the Strummers Ukulele Band, The Theatre Group, Windsurfing Club, Bell Ringers, Line Dancing, KFA Youth Moves, Meditation Group, Masonic Lodge, Well-being Walk, Yoga Classes and the Youth Club.



The island is steeped in amazing historical culture.  

During World War II Alderney was taken over by the Germans and made into an incredible concrete fortress much of which remains today. Only a handful of people remained on the island during this occupation.   The sound of the church bells heralded the arrival of several small cargo boats and those leaving were allowed one suitcase.   This now left Alderney in the hands of the Germans who, via the prisoners/workers, built the slave labour camps and the vast network of tunnels and gun emplacements.

Earlier in the 1850s, England was worried that the French may invade, and probably from Cherbourg.   Alderney was the nearest English settlement and so forts were built on every promontory as was the breakwater to allow the English navy safe anchorage to repel any French invaders.   Nothing happened and so Alderney keeps alive the legacies of the Victorians and the Germans.

Beside Longis Bay is where the Romans were based.   It is the largest Roman fortlet so far discovered within the UK.   And prior to that, the island has its early Iron Age camp.

Incredible history for such a small island. Heritage | Visit Alderney, Channel Islands



The Alderney Animal Welfare Society (AAWS) have kindly produced a guide to Veterinary Services on Alderney for new residents. A copy is available by request to our office.

Pets need to be registered with AAWS on arrival to the island so that the nurses can work with you. On the island all dogs are required to have a dog license. Dogs are not permitted on the beaches from 1st June - 15th September with the exception of the rocky bays, Platte Saline and Clonque. Dr Knight visits on a Wednesday every 2 weeks to undertake operations. Three veterinary nurses are based on island at AAWS.  Larger animals such as horses will require an import license from States of Alderney. 

Alderney Animal Welfare


Work Permits and Visas

Work permits usually take only a few weeks to gain after police checks have been carried out.   Visas can take longer as the hospitality sector has found out since the advent of Brexit.

Further info from the States of Alderney at and from Guernsey at


Building works etc

There are a good number of trades persons on island who can carry out works required. There are builders merchants on island selling a variety of materials, anything not available on island can be shipped in as required.  Building Trade Archives - Alderney Chamber of Commerce  Some building works maybe subject to Planning Permission but you will be guided by the tradesperson on this. Planning and Building Applications - States of Alderney (


Alderney Infrastructure

The island benefits from a modern doctor’s practice, The Island Medical Centre and dental practice  Alderney Dental Practice along with a cottage hospital, Mignot Memorial Hospital and a Care Home

Broadband is available island wide. Sure (the Guernsey supplier of telecommunications) have in recent years  connected ‘super fast broadband’ to commercial and residential premises.   Many are connected to Sky for television.

Electricity comes from the Power Station that is sited close to the harbour.   New oil-fired generators were installed a few years ago meaning that the Power Station did not have to be manned 24 hours a day.

Water is from two reservoirs and an artesian that flows from the top of the island close to the airport..

Most central heating / hot water installations are oil-fired with each property having its own boiler and oil tank.   There is no mains gas on the island.   It is Low Pressure Gas, the largest bottles of which are 47k.

Much of the island is on main drains which is being extended to some outlying areas at the present time.   Those not on mains are served by either cesspits or sceptic tanks that are emptied by the States Public Works Department.



The first week of August heralds ‘Alderney Week’ when the island enjoys a festival like no other.   Usually there are at least 70 to 80 separate events announced by the Town Crier that include Cavalcade Day, Man Powered Flight, Sandcastle competitions and culminates on the final night with the Torchlight Procession through town on to Butes where there is live music and the grand finale of the Fireworks Display.

Also on an annual basis is the Literary Festival that brings in many known authors, the Arts Festival, the Chamber Music Festival, the week long Fishing Festival, the Fly-In, the Half Marathon and the Hill Climb.



The Anglian church in the centre of St Anne is known as “The Cathedral of the Channel Islands” being the largest church within the islands.   There are also the Catholic and Methodist Churches within town.



Alderney boasts two radio stations - Quay FM based within the harbour and can be found on 107.1 FM while Riduna Radio in town is a streamed service to be found at

There is one newspaper The Journal which publishes every fortnight.

There are also States and Media releases that are emailed directly from the States of Alderney and the Alderney Chamber of Commerce.


Recycling and Waste

Public Works carries out an island-wide weekly refuse collection.

There are also two recycling stations.

-    One adjacent to the harbour that takes steel and aluminium cans, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and polystyrene.

  •    The one is at the Impot that takes larger items such as vehicles, batteries, timber, paint, builders waste and metal.



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